[Beginners Guide] – How to Catch your First Fish?

Fishing is not as easy as it sounds. It requires learning and lot of patience. Here are some advice for the beginners.

#1 Gearing up

The main equipment is the rod and the reel. Your best options would be a bait casting outfit, a spin casting outfit or an open faced spinning reel and rod. You can choose any one of these and start fishing. But, a medium sized open faced spinning reel is usually suggested for the beginners.

With this you can by a fiberglass spinning rod. You should first go for freshwater fishes and some small saltwater fishes. Fishing pole needs a line, sinker, bobber and hook. There are some general fishing kits available in the market which includes everything. The choice of these gears depend on what type of fish you are going to catch. You need to buy lures and other tools like fishing net, rubber hunting boots, etc. also.

#2 Be aware of the law

You should check out the local fishing regulations. In most places you cannot catch a big fish without license. If you do not have a license you will be fined.

#3 Learn the habits of fish

You have to know the habits of different types of fish. Learn how to take advantage of their weakness to catch a fish. Some of the things that you should know are the weight of the fish, how far below they can swim, what kind of bait they like, etc.

#4 Stringing your pole

The circle loops along the pole must be downwards. Then you need to connect a hook. Then add your sinker. These are weights that help you to cast the line and get it to the right depth inside the water. Then you must attach the bobber. The size of the bobber depends on the size of your fish.

#5 The cast

All you need to do is tap the trigger and flick your waist in the cast. You should release the trigger once the casting is done.

#6 The First bite

If your bobber goes down in the water and then comes back up and you feel it in the pole, then you know that you’ve got your first bite. You should do a little tug on the pole. The tug puts the hook in the fish. Then reel the fish in.

That’s it! You have just caught your first fish! You can cook it and clean your plates in dishwashing machine. Now if permitted by the authority, you can enjoy it with your family and friends.

The 5 Best Fishing Spots in the World

You might wake up one day and wonder where to go fishing. You will find fish in nearby parks, but there are some wonderful locations where fishing is something different.

Prince Edward Island/Nova Scotia, Canada


This is one of the best places in the world to catch tuna. You can find tuna weighing more than 800 pounds. You can either fish near the port or take a boat to fish. August through mid-October are the best times to fish here.

Malindi, Kenya


This is one of the best places to catch offshore slam. You can find different species of slam here including blue marlin, black marlin, striped marlin, swordfish, sailfish and shortbill spearfish. You can fish here at any time of the year.

Key West, Florida


This is known as a sport-fishing town. There are blue waters and reefs. It is a great place for seafood. Any fishing enthusiast will love fishing here.

Louisiana/Mississippi Marshes


This is a great place for saltwater fly-fishing. The marshes stretch from the western Mississippi to Louisiana. You will find some big fishes here.



You can get monster marlin here. The largest monster marlin fishes are often caught in Bermuda. It is a very safe place to fish and a great place to visit too.

These places are renowned for fishing. Lots of fish of different categories can be found here and people love the experience. Besides fishing, all these places are very scenic. So, you will also enjoy your stay there.

6 Fishing Blogs That You Should Start Following Today

Invention of new fishing gears has taken fishing to a new level. Lot of contents are now also available online which has made it people to learn fishing easily. If you are interested in fishing then you should read these blogs.


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EatWithChef shares great guides with its readers about fishing and also gives us awesome products recommendations when it comes to preserving fish once it’s caught. Read vacuum sealer reviews for more information on the amazing vacuum food saver they offer.

Trout Underground


This is one of the best fly fishing blogs. There are frequent posts in this blog, so you will always find something new to read. The blog is very informative and you will find all the big stories about fly fishing here.

The Caddis Fly: Oregon Fly Fishing


This blog is also about fly fishing. It posts interesting articles daily. The blog is very colorful with photos. You will find stunning photos of fishing trips.

Fishing Fury


This blog is about fishing in saltwater and freshwater. It is a very comprehensive blog and you will find all your answers related to saltwater and freshwater fishing here.

Ultimate Fishing


This blog has everything you need to know about fishing; from tieing a knot to planning a fishing vacation. You will find information about different gears that are used in fishing. The blog contains massive information related to fishing.

Keep Fishing


This is a resource house for the latest fishing gears. You will find reviews of all kinds of fishing gear here. So, if you shopping for any fishing gear, this blog is a must read.

These blogs are written by very passionate anglers. They have shared their fishing knowledge with frequent blog posts. These blogs are like a library of fishing resources and you will definitely enjoy reading these.